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Aerial drone view of a stately home and grounds
A picture of a car with camera equipment mounted on the bonnet
a group of people stood infront of a Europcar logo being filmed
two women stood next to a cameraman

For over 30 years we have proudly worked with some of the world's leading brands.

a film crew getting out of a helicopter
Kevin Furber standing in front of McLaren hospitality
a news presenter stood in front of a camera
Kevin Furber presenting Chris Ingram with a cheque for 100000 euros
A group of people in Burnley Film Studio
a crowd of people on red nose day
a party in a marquee
a concert audience viewed from the stage
Rowenna with a microphone

Helping events stand out amongst the crowd attracting attention, sponsors and awareness.

Kevin Furber videoing for a film
Filming a remembrance day parade
East Riding Stages Rally winners in Beverleys
A group of people standing in front ofPadiham Mural
A group of people on the red carpet for the bank of dave film premiere
Filming in Burnley Film Studio
A Peugeot T16 on a turntable in Burnley Film Studio
A film crew stood outside Burnley Film Studio
Two women sat in a podcast studio

We film great video and podcast content at our convenient, fully equipped private studio near Manchester.

Kevin Furber conducting an interview in Burnley Film Studio
The outside of Burnley Film Studio
The inside of Burnley Film Studio
A woman sat on a silver sofa
the green screen at Burnley Film Studio

Superb content creates maximum engagement.

We film great content for clients and for agencies.

Our corporate films are used by some of the world's leading brands to promote, to educate, and to inform, as well as entertain.

live event

Every event should stand out amongst the crowd.

We communicate your unique identity, woven through compelling stories and great films, creating a legacy for years to come.

Great stories make compelling viewing.

We believe in storytelling through the medium of film, creating high quality, engaging video content at Burnley Film Studio, near Manchester.

creative every time

Creativity builds a brand and a legacy.

At Creative Talent we help you stand out from the crowd.

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